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  • Plastic Thawnet
  • Plastic Thawnet
  • Plastic Thawnet
  • Plastic Thawnet
  • Plastic Thawnet

Plastic Thawnet

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Thaw frozen meats and vegetables easily with this ThawNet!

The ThawNet is a plastic mesh covering that will help you thaw various frozen foods in your sink without wasting water. It'll fit in nearly all sinks, regardless of their shape and size, and each one has suction cups on each corner that will help it stay in place. You can use it when you need to thaw out frozen meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and more, and it's large enough that you'll be able to fit a family-sized ham or turkey underneath.



  • Non-Toxic and BPA Free - Each of these food coverings are made of materials that aren't toxic to use around food. Plus, each one is completely free of the potentially harmful chemical compound BPA, which is commonly found in plastic products. 
  • Dishwasher Safe - This apparatus is also dishwasher safe, so if it ever ends up with food residue on it that can't be rinsed off, you'll have the option of running it through a dishwasher.
  • Mesh Design - Each ThawNet has been designed to resemble mesh fabric and contains small holes. As a result, you'll be able to look through these holes and see what's happening to your food at all times. This will help you determine if it has finished thawing out or not. Furthermore, the mesh's holes will allow the water in your sink to come in contact with your food, while a solid silicone covering would prevent most of the water from doing so.
  • Ensures Even Thawing - If you thaw frozen foods in the microwave, the outside of each food item often gets hot and starts to cook, becoming a great breeding ground for bacteria, while the inside stays cold and frozen. However, if you use a ThawNet and your sink to thaw your food instead, the silicone covering will cause unheated water to be evenly dispersed to all areas of your food. Then the food will be safe from both uneven thawing and bacteria growth.
  • Rolls Up - When you're done using this silicone covering, you can store it flat, but you'll also have the option of rolling it up so it'll take up less space. After it's been rolled up, it'll fit into virtually any kitchen drawer, and will fit inside nearly any backpack or handbag if you want to take it somewhere outside your home.

How to Use

  1. Add Frozen Items To Sink - Before you start using your ThawNet, you'll have to place the first frozen item or group of items that you want to thaw in the bottom of your sink. You should place them on top of the drain so that the water you add later won't end up running down the drain quickly. Alternatively, you could plug the drain with an ordinary plug—that'll work just as effectively.
  2. Add ThawNet and Secure - Next, place your ThawNet mesh covering on top of the frozen food(s) and secure it by making sure its suction cups are sticking to the bottom of the sink. When you're putting the covering in place, try to make sure that the frozen food is as centered underneath it as possible.
  3. Add Water and Leave - Finally, fill your sink up with cold water so that it's almost full. After you do so, your food should begin to thaw and should thaw at a rate of approximately a half hour per pound. When it's done thawing, you can simply remove it from your sink and prepare it as usual, and store your ThawNet in a place of your choice.


  • Material: PP
  • Size: 400 X 250 X 5mm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Plastic ThawNet

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