• Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device
  • Neck Traction Device

Neck Traction Device

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 RELIEVE tense knots and stiff muscles INSTANTLY with the Neck Traction Device

Most people nowadays struggle with neck pain, often caused by high levels of stress and spending long hours in front of a computer. The Neck Traction Device is a revolutionary and inexpensive solution to instantly relieve you from neck pain and headache. 

This Neck Traction Device decompresses spinal discs, relaxing neck muscles, which decreases swelling and eases any constrictions on nerve and blood circulation. Fewer nerve constrictions mean less pain and better blood circulation means less headache.


  • Provides Neck Pain and Headache Relief Instantly: It acts fast! You feel pain relief and less pressure on your neck muscles within minutes.
  • Stretches Neck and Relaxes Muscles: Helps stretch out neck muscles allowing them to relax properly. Many people report feeling less stiffness and pain, as well as experience greater flexibility.
  • Helps Realign the Spine: Helps gently separate the spine discs. This provides better alignment of the neck and opens up space for the spinal cord and nerve roots throughout the neck.
  •  Improves Head Blood Circulation: Better spinal alignment allows for improved blood flow throughout the neck. This helps treat headache and gives a pleasant feeling of relief.
  • Removes Nerve Constraints: Painful pinched nerve occurs when a nerve in the neck is compressed or irritated. Studies have shown that a neck traction device helps alleviate such problems by opening up more space for nerve roots and facilitating recovery.
  • Recommended by Doctors: Neck traction is often recommended by doctors and chiropractors to help with various conditions, such as repeating neck pains, neck arthritis, muscle strains, and spasms or cervical radiculopathy.
  •  Comfortable: Made from soft cloth giving a pleasant feeling around the chin and neck area. The comfortable material, adjustable Velcro straps, and pump allow you to achieve a fit which is both comfortable as well as effective at relaxing your neck muscles and easing neck pain.
  • Adjustable – Fits Most People: Consists of a number of air chambers that can be gradually filled with air using a manual pump. This means that you can adjust it, depending on the height of your neck, degree of pain and your general preference. Special adjustable Velcro straps ensure that the device is held securely in place and fits most people, including teenagers, adults and elderly individuals.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Unlike many other neck traction devices or portable neck pillows, the Neck Traction Device is very lightweight and has a foldable design, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. It easily fits suitcases, backpacks, and handbags.


  • Material: Non-woven
  • Size: One size, adjustable
  • Neck circumference range: 14 -18 inch
  • Traction range: 0-30kPa; Low traction: 5-10kPa
  • Medium traction: 10-20kPa; Large traction: 20-30kPa
  • Package Includes: 1 x Neck Traction Device
  • Usage:
    • 20-30 minutes on low or medium traction
    • 1-3 minutes on large traction​

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