• IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device
  • IR Rhinitis Therapy Device

IR Rhinitis Therapy Device

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A number of health survey showed that most people with allergic rhinitis have reduced quality of life, poor self-esteem, emotional problems, fatigue and more. Long time sufferers of this inflammatory autoimmune disease find the quality of their lives in general, significantly affected negatively. This disease causes symptoms such as sneezing, itchy nose, difficulty breathing and/or runny nose and can be easily triggered by breathing in tiny particles of allergens such as pollen, dust, certain animals and more.

Managing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis is not an easy task, thus the impact on your lifestyle. It involves managing your environment through damp dusting or using air purifier to resorting to nasal steroid sprays, oral antihistamines and nasal decongestant. But these remedies provide only temporary relief and can bring with them a variety of side effects. Good thing there is another alternative called the IR Rhinitis Therapy Device.

The IR Rhinitis Therapy Device is equipped with Low level narrow band light technology that effectively relieves all symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis- Hay Fever, common cold and other sinus allergies with no pain, no drugs and no side effects. Whereas medications simply provide temporary relief, the IR Rhinitis Therapy Device can help you get rid of these symptoms permanently.


  • Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good repid effects 
  • The instrument do not contain pharmaceutical and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhance the detoxifying capacity and immunocompetence 
  • It's a household portable instrument 
  • Laser head jackets to make the treatment more cleaner and healthier 
  • Power: 9v battery(not include the battery)


  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Put 1* 9V Alkaline battery into the battery box;
  3. Connect the wire and the device ;
  4. Take Off the small pin cover before you use. Put the rubber nose clip into nose, make sure 2 light point into the nose about 1 cm to 1.5 cm depth;
  5. The Green light keep lighting shows working normal, if it is flashing, shows operation failure( Low battery, or the wire didn't put in a correct way).
  6. The Green light will auto-turn off after one treatment session is over (15 minutes).
  7. Use it 1 session a day.
  8. If you want to turn off the device,please remove the battery directly

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