• Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa
  • Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa
  • Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa
  • Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa
  • Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa

Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa

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The Ultimate Way To Heal
Perfect Machine To Relax!

Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa is the solution to heal your swelling muscles and relieve pain in a relaxing way. It improves both physical & mental health in just 20 minutes.

Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa works by charging the water in a foot tub with positive ions to draw out negative ions -- this mechanism is based on a reverse osmosis system. The positive ions will bind the negative ones to draw out the toxins for good. As you use the product, you will notice the changing color of the water as these are different types of impurities released from your body. As it detoxifies your body, it will provide you instant results like increased energy, better sleep & relieved pain, while the symptoms of swelling and inflammation will be improved in the long run.


  • Heal various health problems e.g. swelling, pain, inflammation, insomnia
  • It removes negative ions and the effect is to get rid of toxins, fluids, chemicals, radiation, pollution, etc.
  • As you detox, it helps to circulate your blood.
  • Prevents blockage of the lymphatic system
  • Improves metabolism & favors weight loss
  • Purifies your body effortlessly
  • Completely safe to use


  • Put the ion device inside your foot tub and enjoy the spa for 20 minutes. Apply once a day.


  • Color: White


  • 1 x Foot SPA Machine (which does not contain a Plastic Bowl (Bucket). You can prepare your own Plastic Bowl (Bucket) .)
  • 1 x Detox Foot Bath Matrix
  • 1 x Power Adapter

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