SHIRT-A-ROO™ Kangaroo Shirt for Mom & Dad, Mother's Day, Father's Day Gifts

SHIRT-A-ROO™ Kangaroo Shirt for Mom & Dad, Mother's Day, Father's Day Gifts

10 Apr 2021 Abby Williams


This Mother's Day and Father's Day, Give the Gift of the Baby Wearing Shirt.

This Kangaroo Care Shirt Lets New Parents Carry Their Baby Around Like A Kangaroo

SHIRT-A-ROO™ Kangaroo Shirt lets dads hold their babies like kangaroos.

Our SHIRT-A-ROO™ Baby Wearing Shirt wants to make baby wearing easy for parents.

This Skin To Skin Shirt has a breathable mesh panel between belly and baby that encourages bonding

The Dad Shirt features a slim fit similar to normal men’s t-shirts. It’s also available for Moms! 

Awesome Baby Wearing ShirtIt only takes seconds to mount your baby inside, just open up the pocket and place your baby inside. There's no wrapping, adjusting, buckling, or tying anything to get it to work.

Best Kangaroo Shirt for Newborns! Just slip your newborn in your giant kangaroo-like front pocket and be on your way. 


  • Popular Kangaroo Care Shirt - Big kangaroo pocket design, carry your baby easily while walking, shopping, etc.
  • Adorable Skin to Skin Shirt - Breathable mesh panel encourages bonding with baby and the adjustable head support/pouch extender grows with baby. Soft and comfortable.
  • Amazing Baby Wearing Shirt - 3D draping, fit without the bloat. Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns
  • Best Baby Slings - No wrapping, adjusting, or tying -- just slip baby in the pouch.
  • Best Newborn Carrier - Mom & Dad can enjoy their newborns and take babies on adventures right from the start.


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