BunnelBee Reusable Step In Shoe Covers

BunnelBee Reusable Step In Shoe Covers

18 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

BunnelBee Reusable Step In Shoe Covers
- 1Pair Hands-Free Automatic Shoe Cover
- Step In Sock Shoe Cover 
- Reusable One Step Hands-Free Shoe Covers
- Shoe Dust Covers
- Durable Portable Shoe Covers

BunnelBee Reusable Snap On Reusable Step In Shoe Covers Keep Your House Dirt Free. 

If you hate having to take your shoes off to go indoors and want to pop in and out without having to untie or remove your shoes, then these shoe covers are just perfect for you.
Simply step your feet on the top of the Reusable Step in Shoe Covers and it will immediately wrap around the bottom of your shoes.
It instantly covers your shoes and allows you to keep the floor clean of a nice house you're about to enter. 

These reusable shoe covers are made of a thin layer vinyl on the bottom part and designed to fit all shoe sizes. 
To remove the shoe cover, just peel it off from your shoe, and take it with you and use them over and over. Ideally applies to household, office and machine rooms.


- One size fits all 
- Can be used in many places. For home, office, factories, medical facilities. Efficiently keeps the floors clean. 
- Powerful grip and durable
- Convenient way to cover shoes without struggle, hands-free shoe cover, portable, easy and convenient
- Anti-slip design, Keeps you safe even on wet floors 
- Made of waterproof polyurethane material, reusable and easy to clean!
- Hands-free shoes covers, no electricity used, safe and environmentally friendly
- Step In Sock / Reusable Shoe Cover, Anti-slip, Durable, Quality construction with an overlock stitch that is made to last
- Reusable and More economical as compared to disposable shoe covers, helping the environment



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