BunnelBee Pro Wheel Rim Protector

BunnelBee Pro Wheel Rim Protector

15 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

BunnelBee Pro Wheel Rim Protector 

- 8M/ Roll Car Wheel Rim Blades
- Car Vehicle Color Wheel Rim Protectors
- Decor Strip Car Tire Guard
- Car Wheel Line Rubber Molding Trim
- Car Wheel Protection Ring, Practical and Enhances Look

Protect Your Car Rim And Avoid Wasting Money On Repairs. This BunnelBee Pro Wheel Rim Protector is ultra lightweight and helps protect your wheel from the curb.

Supplied in 8-meter lengths, universal fit for 12" to 22" wheel rims. Made from a semi-rigid plastic, it has a wall thickness for the superior level of protection and offers outstanding high-speed performance due to the reduced rotational mass. Pro Wheel Rim Protector uses a factory installed double sided tape on one side, uses the best tapes available from 3M and Tesa. 


- DIY Do it yourself professional install
- 360 protection from the curb
- Made from premium rubber, it is wear-resistant and durable.
- 8 Meters in length, it is easy to be cut to appropriate length that you need.
- Install in minutes
- Fits most Wheel Rims
- Strong Adhesion
- Rim Savers Alloy Wheel Protector
- Designed to protect your car wheel rims from light hits and scuffs. 
- It is soft and will not damage the car surface. 
- Flexible, making it easy to be installed at corners and places where are hard to get access. 
- Can be used as décor strip making your car cooler and unique. 
- With strong gel on the inside, it is not easy to fall off. 
18-19 inch wheel, 8M / Roll can decorate 5 wheels
- 20-23 inch wheel, 8M / Roll can decorate 4 wheels

- Colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Gray, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow



Before installation, please clean the wheel hub and apply it after drying. Try not to drive for 24 hours after installation. 


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