BunnelBee Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner

BunnelBee Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner

19 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

BunnelBee Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner
- Car Seat, Sofa Leather Cleaning Cream
- All-Purpose Leather Repair Conditioner
- Multifunctional Leather Cleaner
- Leather Refurbishing Cleaner
- Leather Cleaning Cream
- Home Gadgets And Accessories Repair Tool
- Leather Repair Cream 

If you are thinking of replacing those cracked and faded leather furniture, think again. There is no need to waste your hard earned dollars. 

Make Your Leather Furniture As Good As New with the BunnelBee Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner. It is a great Home Gadget for Leather Repair and Leather Refurbishing. Leather Repair Tool in its element when it is giving new life to worn out leather and mending together an unsightly scratch or scar.

If you’ve got an old leather handbag with a few stubborn scrapes that you'd like to furnish, or a worn out couch that’s cracked at the surface from neglect – Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner is the precision fixer-upper you need.


- High Quality - Car plastic / leather refurbishment is made from eco-friendly materials, using an oil-free formula, safe and odor-free, you can use it with confidence, without having to worry about any pungent smell.
- Multifunction and Portable - Leather repair cleaners not only prevent fading, discoloration and damage to harmful UV rays but also prevent dust and stains. Easy to carry.
- Wide Use - Leather Curing agents provide excellent UV protection for any rubber, finished leather, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, PVC, gel coat and fiberglass surfaces. Brightens the surface to make it look newer.
- No water cleaning - Effectively removes a variety of stains
- Anti-bacterial and Mildew-proof
- Gentle, Nourishes Leather to Prevent Ageing and Cracks


Leather Repair And Refurbishing Cream is a Proven Product to put the Moisture Back into Leather to Soften the Leather and it also Brings Back the Color. 

Nourishes, Brightens and Smooth Finish. 

Includes a Tube of Leather Cleaner / Conditioner 250g & One free sponge.

Leather bags 
Leather coats 
Leather shoes 
Leather car seats 
Leather steering wheels 
Leather jackets
Leather sofa 
Leather chair
Leather wallet
Leather Riding saddles 
Any item in leather will benefit from this product - it is suitable for maintaining all various leather goods items & products.

NOT SUITABLE: For Nubuck or suede.


1. Wipe plastic leather products and metal products with a sponge dipped in a little cleansing cream.

2. Sponge stained with tap water after wringing dry can also be reused.

3. You can also use a little soft towel to wipe the dirt off. Tip: You can dip a little cream on a variety of membership cards for cleaning.

4. To clean glass products, wiped with a sponge or wet towel, wring dry and wipe again, and finally wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

5. For the sofa, a variety of flooring and decorative walls, desirable amount of clean paste dissolved in luke-warm water, can be used for cleaning.


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