BunnelBee Laser Liner For Lettering

BunnelBee Laser Liner For Lettering

13 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

BunnelBee Laser Liner Level Tool
- Mini Vertical Spirit Level Gauge Tool Guided Spirit Level
- Multifunctional Infrared Liner Laser Level For Lettering

Writing calligraphy or anything on a blank paper can be really bothersome if you have to measure and draw lines to line up your lettering perfectly, and then have to erase them afterwards.

Not only will it take so much of your time but it can also smear mark on the paper. This is where our BunnelBee Laser Liner for Lettering can help you.

Just switch it on and it will emit a laser that will guide you in writing the perfectly lined up letters. It can also be used as a guide in cutting woodworks, stair boards, partitions, laying tiles and more.

1. Easy to use, light weight, easy to carry.
2. Accurately assess whether the item is horizontal/vertical.
3. It is very suitable for installation of pictures, shelves, frames, towel poles, curtain poles, tiles, cabinets and so on.
4. Laser level instrument can measure whether the plane is uneven or hanging, etc. Laser level instrument can type a word line. Laser level instrument has horizontal beads, which can measure whether the horizontal plane is level or not.


1. Draw guidelines depending on the line spacing that you want (vertically). Make sure the guidelines are on a larger paper than your envelopes (or whatever you are working on).
2. Position your envelope on the guideline. Make sure the bottom edge of your envelope sits on the last line of the guideline template. Use a binder clip to hold the envelope in position. You want to make sure that you don’t hold the envelope too tightly since it might leave an impression.
3. Next, place your Laser Liner at the left edge of your envelope. The laser line should overlap the top-most line on your guideline template.
4. You should now be seeing the laser line on your envelope as well. Now, make sure that the laser overlaps that same line to the right of your envelope.
5. When the laser line overlaps both the left and the right guidelines, you’ll know that it is indeed making a straight line on the envelope.
6. That’s all! Simply write on the laser line (as you would in a notebook), and repeat the steps as you move downwards.


    BunnelBee Laser Liner for Lettering and Calligraphy is a great gift for anyone who is interested in Calligraphy, and for anyone who simply wishes to write with clean beautiful lines. 


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