BunnelBee Cracked Nail Repair Gel

BunnelBee Cracked Nail Repair Gel

17 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

BunnelBee Cracked Nail Repair Gel
- 5ml Fiber Repair UV Gel
- Fiberglass Silk Soak Off Gel Nail Polish for Acrylic Nail Extension Building
- Prolong Protected Nails
- Nail Repair Gel
- Phototherapy Gel
- Cracked Nail Repair Gel
- Broken Nails Treatment Glue

The Easiest & Fastest Solution For Unintentional Broken Nails! 

Don't you just hate it when you break your nails?

Broken nails may harbor bacteria that may cause nail infection. With Cracked Nail Repair Gel, you can instantly repair any nail crack while providing clear protective layer on those nail cracks, boosting nail recovery speed and preventing injuries / bacteria infections. You can even apply nail polish after repairing your nails!
In addition, this Cracked Nail Repair Gel can be applied without a complex process. Also, it can flexibly fill in nail cracks of any size. 


- Repair Broken Nails - Instantly fill in and fix nail cracks flawlessly. The most fun thing about it is you can apply nail polish right after repairing your nails!
- Strengthen Nails - It creates a clear protective layer on nail cracks which helps to prevent bacterial infections.
- Easy To Apply - You don't have to gain skills to do this. You just have to apply for it and your good to go!
- Durable - The repair gel on your nails can last for 45 days with proper care.
- No Harm To Nails - Made of environmentally friendly resin, which is harmless to the human body and nail bed.
- Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc.


- Rich in Fiberglass
- Nail Extension Kit
- Broken Nails Repair Kit
- Full Protection For Nails 


Step 1. Apply Base Coat and cure it.
Step 2. Apply them evenly to the nail surface where is broken and cure it.
Step 3. Shape nails and buff nail surface.
Step 4. Apply top coat and cure it.


The Fiberglass Gel contains a large amount of fiberglass (5ml bottle). Multi-purpose - it can be used to repair broken nails or to extend nails. The hardness is higher than the ordinary extension gel after curing.


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