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Why we had to stop donating to the SPCA New Zealand and whats next?

You may be wondering why we stopped donating to the SPCA.
Unfortunately, recently we found out that SPCA has another program called the SPCA Blue Tick which you can find on . This program aims to and gives this "blue seal of approval" to different animal products like pork, chicken or eggs and it is an indicator to people that these products are 'ethical'. However, as we all know it, no animal products are 'ethical' and so even though we were donating directly to animal shelters and helping the SPCA NZ in that regards, the blue tick program does not align with us. While we believe that none of our donations were actually used for the Blue Tick program we want to cease our donations just for future concerns because we don't support their values.

We also don't like the way they misrepresent their first website of animal shelters and how they want people to report animal cruelty and then they go out and create this Blue Tick program where they basically support animal slaughter. This is outrageous and we just don't want to associate with them anymore. That was a big mistake on our part.

We have been looking out for different sanctuary's and charities and maybe even events that we could help with. We were thinking about a few options, for example, we had a look at the Black Sheep animal sanctuary in Otaki. We were also thinking to just have the 15% of profits simply taken away and stored so that one day we could make a vegan event promoting our values and having full control of where the money is going to.

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