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A humble start with a big dream

The Dream

At MISBRUK LTD. we have a big dream to impact the world and limit the abuse of animals. With each year there are more companies following the cruelty-free path, but we don't just want to produce ethical clothing, we want to spread awareness of the issue with deep symbolism in our clothing.


The Future

One day we hope to be involved in the rescuing of animals out in the field rather than just creating clothing in our workshop, however, for now, our vision is to create an entire clothing line and expand our products meaning that we also expand our reach. Hopefully, then, we can open a sister company or rather a charity that will help animals around the world.

15% of profits go to the SPCA to help them in all kinds of ways. Once we grow our brand we hope to advance our relationship with them and become a sponsor.



Handmade Prints

We are in full control of what kind of ink is used and with that, we are able to use water based, ecological and vegan ink (one that is not extracted from squid). All our prints are handmade in Palmerston North.



The Products

Our T-shirts are of the highest quality, made out of 100% cotton. We use an advanced and expensive technique to print our illustrations ensuring that all of our prints are very durable. Our production process is comparable to many well-established clothing brands.


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