BunnelBee SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable Step In Shoe Covers

BunnelBee SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable Step In Shoe Covers

13 Jun 2021 Abby Williams

SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable Step In Shoe Covers

- New Step in Sock 

- Reusable Shoe Cover 

- One Step Hand Free Sock Shoe Covers 

- Durable Portable Automatic Shoe Covers

If You Don't Want To Ruin Your Shoes With Those Muddy Roads And Also If You Don't Like To Take Off Your Shoes To Go Indoor, Then This Is A Perfect Product For You. 

Introducing This SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable Step In Shoe Covers. It Is So Simple To Use. This Is Hand Free. You Just Need To Step Your Feet On The Top Of The SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable Step In Shoe Covers And It Will Immediately Wrap Around The Bottom Of Your Shoes. It Will Fully Cover Your Shoes And You Are Ready To Go Inside Without Taking Off Your Shoes. And The House Or Office Will Also Be Neat And Clean. 

This High Quality Material Will Allow You To Use It Again. This SNAP-SHOE-COVER™ Reusable. Step In Shoe Covers Are Made Of A Thin Layer Vinyl On The Bottom Part And Designed To Fit All Shoe Sizes. From Teenagers To Olders, Everyone Can Use This Product By Stepping Into It. 

To Remove The Shoe Cover, Just Peel It Off From Your Shoe, And Take It With You And Use Them Over And Over.


  • Waterproof: This is designed as a waterproof. So that you can use this anywhere. This product is made with polyurethane material which will protect your shoes from water.
  • One Size: The cover is designed to fit all shoe sizes. Everyone can use this, from teenagers to olders. 
  • Reusable: This is reusable. You can use it over and over. 
  • Powerful Grip: It will not loosen away so easily. The grip is so powerful that you can go anywhere without having to worry. 
  • Anti-slip Design: It has an anti slippery design. It Keeps you safe even on wet floors.
  • Suitable For: It Can be used in many places. For home, office, factories, medical facilities.
  • Convenient: This cover is hand free. This is so convenient that you can cover your shoes by stepping in. You won't have to struggle to put it on and it is also portable. 



  • Material: Polyester, Cotton, Vinyl
  • Color: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red
  • Size: 30 cm x 44 cm


  • 1 × Pair Hands-Free Step in Shoe Covers

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